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Joel Klein Cashes In

Monopoly and Competition

04/01/2001The Free Market
In an earlier article in the FreeMarket , I questioned whether or not Joel Klein, who headed the US Justice Department's Antitrust Division during the Clinton administration's jihad against Microsoft, was doing so as a "public servant," or might there be a more personal agenda. We now have...
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Joy Of JoAnn, The


01/01/2000The Free Market
"The trouble with socialism," Oscar Wilde once wrote, "is that it takes too many evenings." Indeed, the private lives of socialists are highly politicized. They must not be interested in anything-not even their families-other than socialism. The theory must inform every aspect of their lives, which...
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Joy of Tax Cuts, The

Taxes and Spending

06/01/1995The Free Market
A poll in March reported that most people would prefer "deficit reduction" to "tax cuts." Polls and the media lie all the time, but this one refutes itself. If people really wanted to be taxed, they would pay up without being threatened by audits, fines, special agents, and jail terms.
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