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A Revolution of Ideas

EducationMedia and Culture

03/01/2012The Free Market
For 30 years, the Ludwig von Mises Institute has been laying the groundwork for an intellectual revolution. That revolution is now at hand.


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Property Means Preservation

The EnvironmentPrivate Property

02/01/2012The Free Market
As Professor Block makes clear, “there is no intrinsic conflict between the market and the environment.”


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The 99 and the 1

EducationThe Entrepreneur

01/02/2012The Free Market
The well-being of the 99% depends on who makes up the 1%: entrepreneurs or the state and its cronies.


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What is Fascism?

The Police StatePolitical Theory

11/01/2011The Free Market
In the end, this is the choice we face: the total state or total freedom. Which will we choose?


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Should Congress Raise the Debt Ceiling?

Taxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

06/01/2011The Free Market
Despite the handwringing and lectures from Geithner and his accomplices, there is no need to raise the federal debt limit. The US government already spends an obscene amount of money every month, and this could easily be scaled back to the current inflow of tax receipts.


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The Plight of the MBA Generation

U.S. Economy

05/02/2011The Free Market
For a generation of people to find meaningful work, the government must embrace the Misesian prescription of a strict “hands-off” policy—rather than staying on the Keynesian drug.


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Why Bastiat Is Still Great

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

04/01/2011The Free Market
If we were to take the greatest economists from all ages and judge them on the basis of their theoretical rigor, their influence on economic education, and their impact in support of the free-market economy, then Frédéric Bastiat would be at the top of the list.


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Why Is Unemployement So High?

Free MarketsInterventionism

03/01/2011The Free Market
The plight of American workers is bleak, far worse than the official statistics indicate.


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It's the People vs. The Government

Political Theory

02/01/2011The Free Market
The advocates of free-market economics almost invariably pin the blame for government intervention solely on erroneous ideas—that is, on incorrect ideas about which policies will advance the public weal.


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The Many Names for Money Creation

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

01/03/2011The Free Market
Thanks to the doublespeak of monetary-policy experts, the launch of monetary policy leading to high inflation may not be discernible by the public at large.


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