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Five Takeaways from the House's Yellen Hearing

The Fed

What you need to know from Janet Yellen's testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

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Fed Raises Rates — Will Other Central Banks Follow?

The Federal Reserve says it can now turn to tighter monetary policy if the economy continues to expand "as anticipated." But that's a pretty big if.

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Fed Officials Can't See What's Right In Front Of Them

Why is it so controversial to suggest that we should leave interest rates and credit markets alone?

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Fed Minutes: Details on the Balance Sheet Plan

The FOMC minutes revealed a Fed that is sticking to it's plan of two more rate hikes in 2017, as well as more details about it's balance sheet plan.

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Fed Speeches: What They Said

Friday featured a handful of Fed member speeches. Here is a summary of what they spoke about.

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FOMC Keeps Rates Steady

Today's FOMC meeting announcement has the Fed keeping rates unchanged and dismissing a weak Q1 GDP number as merely "transitory."

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From 0.2% to 4.3%: Atlanta Fed GDP Forecast

The Atlanta Fed's GDP growth forecast has jumped 22X since last week, as they anticipate a booming economy in Q2 that clearly did not materialize in Q1.

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FOMC Minutes: Continued Talk of Balance Sheet Strategy

The FOMC minutes continue the emphasis on the balance sheet. They've started raising the Fed Funds target, how far can they get on the balance sheet?

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Fed Financial Statements: $6 Billion Drop in Fed Remittances

Taxes and Spending

Every year the Fed remits its profits to the US Treasury every year. A drop in Fed profits means less for the US Treasury.

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Fed Ready to Hike Rates? Where They Stand.

U.S. Economy

The Fed is pushing hard for a rate hike. Here are Fed members' recent comments.

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