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Trump's Historic Opportunity with the Federal Reserve

Trump can have the largest impact on the Fed since 1936. The question is whether he listen to his Goldman Guys, or return to his Fed-skeptic roots?

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The Rise of Zombie Companies — And Why It Matters

A zombie company merely survives thanks to the constant refinancing of its debt. Thanks to central banks, their numbers are alarmingly large.

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This Time, It's a Bubble in Rentals

Fannie and Freddie are rushing to finance the current rental boom, and package them as mortgage-backed securities. What could go wrong?

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The Fed Gave Wall Street a Bomb, and the Taxpayers are Paying Ransom

How do you stop the taxpayer subsidy to Wall Street while avoiding lighting the fuse to Bernanke’s inflation bomb?

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The Fed Remains on Course – to Trouble

If the Fed really intends to turn away from its easy-money policies, it has three options for doing it. All of them are risky.

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The Part-Time Critics of Central Banks

The central bank critics today who were not critics of the great bailouts and stimulus have reserved their criticisms for what hurts their interests.

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Today Janet Yellen Explained (Yet Again) Why Interest Rates Should Stay Low

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

Today, Janet Yellen struck a dovish tone with Congress, saying that the Fed's target interest rate is not really that low after all.

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The Super Bubble Is in Trouble

Once the Super-Bubble pops, we will see what people demand as the ultimate means of payment: gold or cyber units, or both.

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This Week's Fed Events

The Fed

Here are this week's events related to the Federal Reserve.

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The ECB Blames Inflation on Everything but Itself

The ECB prefers to do what all central banks did just before the 2009 great recession: blame inflation on rising food and energy prices.

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