Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom

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The Classical Liberal Theory of Empire

Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom 2006

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11/26/2021Ralph Raico

Ralph Raico examines the history and ideology of imperialism—and why the state loves war and empire so much. From the 2006 Supporters Summit: Imperialism: Enemy of Freedom, 27–28 October 2006, Auburn, Alabama. [33 minutes.]


Ralph Raico

Ralph Raico (1936–2016) was professor emeritus in European history at Buffalo State College and a senior fellow of the Mises Institute. He was a specialist on the history of liberty, the liberal tradition in Europe, and the relationship between war and the rise of the state. He is the author of The Place of Religion in the Liberal Philosophy of Constant, Tocqueville, and Lord Acton.

A bibliography of Ralph Raico's work, compiled by Tyler Kubik, is found here.

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