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Media and Culture

Published in 1926, Garrett illustrates the strange tendency in a story of politics, economic folly, conspiracy, ideology, and violence.
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Having My Way

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Who are we as individuals? Read pieces together what we have logically ascertained based on human experience and past wisdom regarding this question.
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Honest Money

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking

North presents an account of the historical context for the Bible ’s teachings on money, banking, commerce, and trade.
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How Diplomats Make War

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

This historic book is the first revisionist account of the origins of World War I to appear in English.
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How Do We Know

EducationFree MarketsPhilosophy and Methodology

Leonard Read writes, "More people than now must make freedom their lifelong study."
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How They Succeeded: Life Stories of Successful Men and Women Told by Themselves


The Gilded Age produced not only some of the richest men and women of all time; its freedom and opportunities built a nation of people of superlative character.
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Human Action

Austrian Economics Overview

Mises's Human Action is the best defense of capitalism ever written.
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