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Triumph of Gold

BooksOctober 9, 1961
Charles Rist explores the history of gold as a monetary standard in the United States as well as conventional misconceptions during and after its implementation in US monetary policy.

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History of American Socialisms

BooksAugust 4, 1961
It is certainly high time that Socialists should begin to take lessons from experience; and for this purpose, that they should chasten their confidence in flattering theories, and turn their attention to actual events.

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A Socialist Empire: The Incas of Peru

BooksJune 16, 1961
Those determinists who seek at any cost to explain every social order in .terms of its natural environment would be greatly embarrassed by the case of the Incas. They will not find here the essential elements that, according to them, make possible the birth of a great civilization.

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Freedom and the Law

BooksJune 15, 1961
Here we have an outstanding analysis of the relationship between law and freedom.

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The Man versus the State

BooksJune 15, 1961
Spencer understands that freedom must also mean freedom from the state.

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Revolt on the Campus

BooksMay 27, 1961
It was, for American Liberalism, the worst of times. The decade had begun well enough. A magistrate committed to Liberal doctrine, certified by Americans for Democratic Action, had assumed the leadership of the nation. The faculty of Harvard University had migrated, en bloc, to Washington. Programs...

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Planned Chaos

BooksApril 1, 1961
The title comes from Mises's description of the reality of central planning and socialism, whether of the national variety (Nazism) or the international variety (communism)...

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The Kohler Strike: Union Violence and Administrative Law

BooksJanuary 15, 1961
This 1961 book by labor economist Sylvester Petro tells a story of the destruction of private property and freedom at the hands of unions.

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Inflation: Its Causes and Cures

BooksJune 17, 1960
The objective of the present study is to give a rounded picture and to emphasize fundamental issues which seem in danger of being obscured by the great mass that has been and is being written on inflation.

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