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The Austrian School of Economics: A History of Its Ideas, Ambassadors, and Institutions

Austrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

A guide to the history, ideas, and institutions of the Austrian School of economics written by two Austrian intellectuals who have gone to the sources themselves to provide a completely new look at the tradition and what it means for the future.
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The Driver

Media and Culture

Who is Henry Galt? This novel is brilliant and thrilling — one that provides an excellent lesson in how entrepreneurship works.
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The Ethics of Liberty

Big GovernmentPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

Rothbard says that the very existence of the state — the entity with a monopoly privilege to invade private property — is contrary to the ethics of liberty. A society without a state is not only viable; it is the only one consistent with natural rights.
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The Law

Legal SystemInterventionismPolitical Theory

Bastiat's essay is timeless, because it applies whenever and wherever the state assumes unto itself different rules and different laws from that by which it expects other people to live.

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The Man versus the State

Political Theory

Spencer understands that freedom must also mean freedom from the state.
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The Place of Economics in Learning

EducationPhilosophy and Methodology

“The Place of Economics in Learning" provides an excellent overview of Misesian economics: methodologically, educationally, and politically.
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The Progressive Era

Murray Rothbard’s masterpiece is the definitive book on the Progressives.
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