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American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 3

11/15/2007Garet Garrett

National Industrial Conference Board American Affairs, Vol VII, no 3, 1945


Garet Garrett

Garet Garrett (1878–1954) was an American journalist and author who was noted for his critiques of the New Deal and US involvement in the Second World War.


"Full Employment" by Virgil Jordan; The American Menace, by Garet Garrett; Battle of Britain, by C.T. Revere; The Future of Foreign Trade, by James H. Hill; The Right to Borrow, by E.A. Goldenweiser; Adrift on the Deficit Sea, by James A. Farley; After the War, by A.P. Herbert; Demonstration by Mars, by Frank E. Hook; Yalta Aftermath, by Isaac Don Levine; The Myth of the Mixed Economy, by Ludwig von Mises; Deindustrializing Central Europe, by John Hubert; What Price a Planned Economy? by F.A. Hayek. Isabel Paterson reviews Terborgh and Rucker.