American Affairs 1945-1950

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American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 3

11/15/2007Garet Garrett

National Industrial Conference Board American Affairs, Vol VII, no 3, 1945


"Full Employment" by Virgil Jordan; The American Menace, by Garet Garrett; Battle of Britain, by C.T. Revere; The Future of Foreign Trade, by James H. Hill; The Right to Borrow, by E.A. Goldenweiser; Adrift on the Deficit Sea, by James A. Farley; After the War, by A.P. Herbert; Demonstration by Mars, by Frank E. Hook; Yalta Aftermath, by Isaac Don Levine; The Myth of the Mixed Economy, by Ludwig von Mises; Deindustrializing Central Europe, by John Hubert; What Price a Planned Economy? by F.A. Hayek. Isabel Paterson reviews Terborgh and Rucker.

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