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Industrial Policy Is Still a Loser

07/16/2014Mises Daily Articles
Stiglitz wants to revitalize industrial policy through greater government intervention to favor certain technologies over others.
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Investors and Austrian Economics


07/04/2014Mises Daily Articles
Robert Blumen talks with the Mises Institute with a about the Austrian School’s growing influence among investors.
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Inside Venice’s Secession Movement

자유시장글로벌경제의료세금과 정부지출

05/26/2014Mises Daily Articles
One of the organizers of the Venetian referendum on secession speaks about the vote and the prospects for successful separation.
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Inflation Does Not Produce Economic Growth

연방준비제도미국 경제경기변동

03/17/2014Mises Daily Articles
If price inflation near 2 percent is good for the economy, why not aim at a higher rate of inflation and make the economy much healthier?
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If I Must Sell, You Must Buy


03/15/2014Mises Daily Articles
If I were a business owner, must I sell to you? If yes, you must balance that requirement with your obligation to buy from me.
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Is Bad Weather Behind Weak US Economic Trends?

연방준비제도미국 경제경기변동

03/01/2014Mises Daily Articles
Most economic commentators blame weakening economic data on recent bad weather in the US. Many assume it will improve once consumers can go out and spend again. But it’s more likely weakening trends are in response to the emerging economic bust brought about by a decline in the growth momentum of...
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In Trusting Politics and Politicians, It Is the Pope Who is Naïve

기타 학파

12/28/2013Mises Daily Articles
Pope Francis’s compassion for the poor is overwhelmed by his confusion about the market economy. Economic liberty has done more to elevate the living standards of the general population than any other form of social organization in history. It is the only system which does not trust in the goodness...
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Inflation, Shortages, and Social Democracy in Venezuela

글로벌경제간섭주의기타 학파

11/29/2013Mises Daily Articles
Venezuela illustrates Mises’s argument that economic intervention, if unchecked, leads to socialism.
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Inflation Has Not Cured Iceland’s Economic Woes

글로벌경제간섭주의기타 학파

11/04/2013Mises Daily Articles
By late 2010, inflation-adjusted income in Iceland was down over 35 percent. Inflating one’s currency may give the appearance of recovery, but the truth is somewhat less rosy.
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Is Saving Money Bad for the Economy?

자유시장화폐와 은행

10/03/2013Mises Daily Articles
Today, under the influence of Keynesian economists who champion government spending and high levels of consumption, thrift has been devalued.
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