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Give a Penny, Take a Penny

미국 역사금본위화폐와 금융

07/25/2006Mises Daily Articles
With the cumulative effects of inflation, the face values of our coins no longer has any relation to historic commodity value.
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Get Involved! Support the Mises University

오스트리안 경제학

07/13/2006Mises Daily Articles
The number one means of teaching free market economics, in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises, is the Mises University. This program that has made the difference in college educations for more than two decades.
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GNP, PPR, and the Standard of Living

큰 정부화폐이론생산 이론

06/24/2006Mises Daily Articles
What I have shown is that to the extent that government spending consists either of waste or of intermediate goods, measurement of the standard of living of those working in the private sector is rendered much more accurately by Rothbard's measurement of PPR per private sector worker than by the...
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George W. Bush's Nixonomics

큰 정부세금과 정부지출재정 이론간섭주의

05/22/2006Mises Daily Articles
Gregory Bresiger draws the parallels: an unpopular war, a big-spending Republican president, an economy threatened by price controls.
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Gambling to Save New Orleans

큰 정부환경

05/19/2006Mises Daily Articles
Vedran Vuk says that changing one law can prevent the city's continued decline and fall of New Orleans. The edict that must be removed is the monopoly on gambling held by Harrah's casino.
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George Mason: Protectionism at its Worst

04/17/2006Mises Daily Articles
Mason labeled the slave trade as "diabolical," "disgraceful," "infamous," and "detestable" immediately prior to arguing that slave owners' rights be strengthened. T. Norman Van Cott explains.
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Government Debt Has No Upside

01/16/2006Mises Daily Articles
In order to consume in the present, writes Robert Murphy, resources must be used in the present. That goes for government too.
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Germany: Doomed by Schmollerism

11/04/2005Mises Daily Articles
The roots of the performance gap between Germany and the Anglo nations, writes Robert Formaini, can be found in a largely forgotten intellectual skirmish over fine points of economic thought.
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Gas Prices Fact or Fiction: A Primer on Supply and Demand

글로벌경제자본⦁이자 이론가격가치와 교환

10/18/2005Mises Daily Articles
Tom Lehman writes that the recent upward spike in gasoline prices (particularly those following natural disasters) has unleashed a torrent of theories.
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