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Europe’s Mario Draghi Starring in Bernanke’s Show

연방준비제도글로벌경제기타 학파

06/24/2014Mises Daily Articles
ECB’s Mario Draghi has taken over from Ben Bernanke as the world’s most enthusiastic money printer.
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Even the Feds Admit Minimum Wages Cause Unemployment

큰 정부간섭주의생산 이론

06/17/2014Mises Daily Articles
There is a little-known loophole in federal law that allows for people with disabilities to be employed at wage rates below the minimum wage. Why the exemption? It’s an effort to lessen unemployment among the disabled, and a tacit admission in federal law that minimum wages cause unemployment.
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Everything Popular Is Wrong: Malinvestment and Consumers


06/03/2014Mises Daily Articles
Any government intervention in the economy, such as, loan programs, regulations, and subsidies, creates malinvestments.
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Echoes of 1937 in the Current Economic Cycle

경기호황과 파열연방준비제도미국 경제미국 역사

05/20/2014Mises Daily Articles
The history of the last great US monetary experiment in “quantitative easing” from 1934 to 1937 suggests that things could end badly.
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Europe and Deflation Paranoia

글로벌경제화폐이론화폐와 금융

04/29/2014Mises Daily Articles
The European Central Bank is deeply concerned about deflation. And deflation paranoia is a convenient way to justify propping up southern Europe.
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Economic Progress and the Primacy of the Individual

자유시장철학과 방법론

04/19/2014Mises Daily Articles
The economic success of the West and of free economies everywhere stems from the acceptance within many societies (to varying degrees) that individuals are all equal in the right to own property and exercise freedom from the collective. States, on the other hand, claim a special and exalted...
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Economic Sanctions Not Key Cause of Russia’s Possible Recession


04/09/2014Mises Daily Articles
According to some experts, sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union are likely to push Russia into a recession.
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Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Economy


04/08/2014Mises Daily Articles
Economics is a logical, deductive, human science about real people acting in the real world, with all the dynamism, unpredictability, and creativity that entails. Markets aren’t static, lifeless mathematical constructs but lively, vigorous spaces where people interact and coordinate.
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England’s Levellers: The World’s First Libertarian Movement


03/27/2014Mises Daily Articles
The Levellers are often characterized as a quasi-socialist movement, but they had more in common with free markets than with socialists.
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Europe May Be in the Calm Before the Storm


02/17/2014Mises Daily Articles
There is a perfect storm developing then in the European banking sector.
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