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Does Favoring Free Enterprise Mean Favoring "Business"?


01/25/2011Mises Daily Articles
The first great error here is the mental habit that many have of thinking that big government and big business are somehow at odds. The whole of American history from the beginning to the present suggests precisely the opposite.
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Don't Buy Government Bonds

금융시장미국 경제

01/13/2011Mises Daily Articles
When the state spends more money than it receives in taxes — a fact indelibly written into the bond — it is deliberately committing an act of bankruptcy. Is dishonesty transmuted into its opposite when committed by a legal entity?
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Death of M3: The Fifth Anniversary

연방준비제도미국 경제경기변동간섭주의

12/08/2010Mises Daily Articles
If the Fed had been tracking repos in 2007–2008, what they would have seen was the unfolding of the financial crisis one full year before it went critical. Instead, Bernanke stopped collecting the data because he decided to abolish M3.
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Draft: The Promise of Human Action

전기(傳記)오스트리안 경제학오스트리안학파 경제학의 역사인간행동학

12/03/2010Mises Daily Articles
[This speech was delivered at the offices of the Mises Institute, September 14, 1999, the date on which Human Action was published 50 years ago. The Mises Institute published the pocket paperback edition in November 2010. ] In a 1949 memo circulated within Yale University Press, the publicity...
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Dropping the Mask of Ecofascism

환경자유시장간섭주의기타 학파

10/19/2010Mises Daily Articles
The new ecofascist short film "No Pressure" is a beautiful example of the environmentalist movement's dropping its pleasant-looking mask and joking about its true authoritarian nature. People explode into a bloody mess when they decline to participate.
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Democracy and Laissez-Faire: A New York Case Study

자유시장미국 역사기타 학파정치 이론

09/20/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Let the banks perish. … Now is the time for the complete emancipation of trade from legislative thralldom." William Leggett (1801–1839)
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Does the US Economy Need Another Stimulus Package?

연방준비제도미국 경제간섭주의화폐이론

09/17/2010Mises Daily Articles
Our analysis indicates that not only can fiscal stimulus not revive the economy but, on the contrary, it can also make things much worse.
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Dead Texts Take Flight

교육자유시장미디어와 문화

08/18/2010Mises Daily Articles
In none of the three cases mentioned above were the students aware of just how close their beloved books had come to a permanent death.
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Down with Legal Tender

법률 체계화폐와 은행금본위화폐이론

08/09/2010Mises Daily Articles
Gresham's law is not false, but it applies only if a fixed rate of exchange between the different forms of money is enforced.
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Down with Collectivism: Merchants and Nobles in 17th-Century France

자유시장세계역사간섭주의기타 학파

07/29/2010Mises Daily Articles
The imposition of Colbert's regime of statism, monopoly, and prohibitive tariffs, combined with Louis XIV's high taxation and centralization, gave rise, by the late 1660s, to a growing tide of opposition by merchants and nobility alike.
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