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Victims on Trial: The Everyday Business of Courts

법률 체계

12/17/2007Mises Daily Articles
We will not tolerate theft in this town, unless it is done by the judge under the cover of the law.
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Vouchers: Another Income Redistribution Scheme

큰 정부교육세금과 정부지출

02/03/2005Mises Daily Articles
Considering the state of public education, aren't vouchers a step in the right direction? Laurence Vance says no: vouchers will make the present system worse.
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Vouchers: Another Central Plan

교육세금과 정부지출재정 이론

12/23/2003Mises Daily Articles
Laurence Vance offers a critique of John Merrifield's school voucher proposal. If the public school system were abolished, or even rendered irrelevant, what would be the point in collecting tax money from all citizens and redistributing it to those who have school-age children? How is this any...
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Voting Booths vs. the Marketplace

자유시장정치 이론

05/12/2003Mises Daily Articles
In democratic societies, elected political officials are the final arbiters of the government's marketplace do's and don'ts. Who elects these political officials? Surprise! The same people supposedly incapable of making informed decisions in the marketplace.
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Value and the Environment

자본⦁이자 이론철학과 방법론생산 이론

03/27/2002Mises Daily Articles
In the real world, human action can only manifest itself through material objects; man must utilize the resources that nature gives in order to employ means. If man desires to live, he must obtain food, shelter, and other physical necessities. On the most fundamental level, to exist in this...
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Victory for California Coast?

기업가환경법률 체계생산 이론

07/02/2001Mises Daily Articles
A federal judge rules: No drilling allowed. Tibor Machan explains why this is not a "victory for the California coast."
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Vacations for All

자유시장법률 체계

05/13/2000Mises Daily Articles
The new campaign to impose vacations as a mandated benefit, promoted by Escape Magazine, rests on economic fallacy.
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Voucher Socialism


07/13/1999Mises Daily Articles
Florida has enacted a school voucher program that increases the role of government in education. (Article by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.)
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V-Chip Parenting

미디어와 문화

06/10/1999Mises Daily Articles
The futile effort to protect us from ourselves.
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