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Self-Interest Is Not Selfishness

자유시장철학과 방법론

04/15/2015Mises Daily Articles
When Mother Teresa used her Nobel Prize money to fund services for the poor, she was exhibiting "self-interest," but not selfishness. Like virtually everyone else, she used her property to achieve an end she valued, but which benefited others as well.
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Sub-Zero Interest Rates as an Endless Daylight Saving Time

경기호황과 파열화폐와 은행화폐와 금융

03/11/2015Mises Daily Articles
Milton Friedman once compared monetary stimulus to daylight saving time. But while daylight saving has an ending date, current monetary stimulus has no end in sight, and we’re just moving the clock ahead repeatedly without ever moving it back.
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Senate Republicans Bungle Their Interrogation of Janet Yellen

연방준비제도화폐와 은행화폐와 금융

02/27/2015Mises Daily Articles
Janet Yellen testified before Congress this week, but the Senate Republicans, who claim to be the guardians of monetary sanity, failed to show any true understanding of monetary policy and the damage the Fed has inflicted.
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South Korea’s Keynesian Experiment Goes Global

경기호황과 파열글로벌경제

02/20/2015Mises Daily Articles
Korea's economy has taken off since the 1997 financial crisis, and so has Korea's cultural and economic prominence on the world stage. But is Korea repeating the mistakes of Japan and other centrally-planned boom economies?
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Secession Begins at Home

큰 정부정치 이론

01/30/2015Mises Daily Articles
The most realistic plan for increasing freedom and free markets is not to vainly hope for a libertarian takeover of DC, but to create our own de facto independent societies right here at home.
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Switzerland Frees the Swiss Franc

글로벌경제화폐와 은행화폐와 금융

01/17/2015Mises Daily Articles
The Swiss franc was pegged to the euro in 2011, but after years of easy money in the eurozone, the Swiss have bailed in an effort to save the franc from even more inflation that's expected from the Europen Central Bank.
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Should Economics Emulate Natural Sciences?

화폐와 은행경기변동철학과 방법론

12/16/2014Mises Daily Articles
The laws of physics can never be absolutely established. For some other law may prove more elegant or capable of explaining a wider range of facts. Hypotheses must be constantly tested. Economics is not like this.
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Stalemate, Crisis, and the Triumph of the Modern State

전쟁과 대외정책세계역사

11/24/2014Mises Daily Articles
One hundred years ago, the combatants of World War One fought themselves to a standstill. The warring regimes then used the opportunity to clamp down on internal dissent and a host of other liberties.
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State Monopolies Aren’t What They Used to Be

자유시장독점과 경쟁

11/21/2014Mises Daily Articles
States wish to gain monopolies and maintain them in all facets of life, while entrepreneurs strive to offer alternatives to the state. It's our job to prevent the state from simply declaring the competition illegal.
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Socialism and Other Crimes in Venezuela


11/05/2014Mises Daily Articles
Venezuela is one of the most economically unfree countries in the world, and it has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Unfortunately, President Maduro thinks he can fix the problem by making the country even less free than it is now.
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