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Sports Betting and Spontaneous Order


11/22/2022Mises Media
One place a price system manifests itself is the sports betting markets. The results are surprisingly accurate.
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Student Loan Debt: The Financial Time Bomb Politicians Want to Ignore

기업지원세금과 정부지출미국 경제

10/31/2022Mises Media
President Biden's nonsolution of partial "debt forgiveness" is in limbo, but the slow financial destruction that massive student loan debt is unleashing continues.
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Student Loan Forgiveness Treats the Symptom, Not the Disease

큰 정부정실(情實)과Economic Policy세금과 정부지출

10/06/2022Mises Media
President Biden's recent student loan forgiveness initiative only exacerbates the real problem: the cost of a college education, thanks to government intervention, is outrageously high.
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Should the Fed Increase the Money Supply in Response to a Growing Economy?

연방준비제도화폐와 은행

10/01/2022Mises Media
Standard economic theory states that as an economy grows, the money supply should grow with it. Appealing to the Austrian tradition, Frank Shostak shows that belief is mistaken.
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Seeing the Student Loan Crisis as a Form of Boom and Bust

경기호황과 파열세금과 정부지출

09/27/2022Mises Media
Conservatives have missed the point that it is not students particularly that are at fault for the student loan crises, but the entire bureaucratic economic-political system.
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Socialism Is Not Groupthink, but Statethink: A Brief Comment on Jordan Peterson

법률 체계사회주의세계역사

09/20/2022Mises Media
Jordan Peterson has linked identity politics to socialism. Instead, socialism is about empowering the state.
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Short-Term Market Volatility Is Not Entirely Random


09/16/2022Mises Media
Typical teaching on stock prices says they are little more than a random walk. But people's purposeful actions are behind every economic transactions.
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Sobre el relativismo ético de Mises

오스트리안학파 경제학의 역사철학과 방법론인간행동학

09/13/2022Mises Daily Articles
Lo que ha ocurrido aquí, y en otros lugares, es que Mises se ha desviado de su gran terreno de juego, la praxeología, y se ha adentrado en la ética, donde está, según Rothbard, trágicamente equivocado.
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Sound Money Can Prevent What Representative Democracy Does Not

Economic Freedom연방준비제도Monetary Policy

09/05/2022Mises Media
For all of the talk about "our democracy," there is a better way to protect the lives and property of people than just electing politicians. It is called sound money.
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Should Libertarians Get behind States Waging "Humanitarian" Wars?

전쟁과 대외정책

08/25/2022Mises Media
Fernando R. Tesón is all mixed up. He thinks libertarians' principled nonaggression ties their hands in the face of violence against others and that this limitation extends to good-guy states.
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