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Qué significa el progreso económico

글로벌경제세계역사오스트리안학파 경제학의 역사기타 학파

10/01/2019Mises Daily Articles
La cuestión no es si el progreso económico hace feliz a la gente. La mayoría de las madres se sienten más felices si sus hijos sobreviven, y la mayoría de las personas se sienten más felices sin tuberculosis que con ella.
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Qué está impulsando la economía en auge de Bolivia


07/02/2015Mises Daily Articles
Gran parte del supuesto milagro socialista de Bolivia se basa en el auge de los productos básicos, pero también hay un verdadero elemento de laissez-faire detrás del auge. El presidente boliviano Evo Morales está permitiendo que las pequeñas empresas y las economías informales de Bolivia prosperen...
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QE3: Sowing the Wind

연방준비제도자유시장재정 이론간섭주의

09/21/2012Mises Daily Articles
The damage inflicted on the economy by reckless monetary and fiscal policies cannot be fixed by further aggressive monetary pumping.
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QE2 Fuels a Global Fury


02/17/2011Mises Daily Articles
Higher food prices set off the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and the mass protests in countries like Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, and Iran. People in these countries buy more unprocessed foods and spend a much higher percentage of their income on food, so they have been severely impoverished...
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Qué constituye un patrón oro


01/05/2011Mises Daily Articles
El estándar de oro genérico se puede definir brevemente como un sistema monetario en el que la unidad de valor consiste en el valor de una cantidad fija de oro en un gran mercado internacional.
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Quantitative Easing: It's Sinking the Fed's Status

연방준비제도경기변동재정 이론정치 이론

11/18/2010Mises Daily Articles
Uh oh, Mr. Bernanke, the natives are getting restless. Now it's not just Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, or foreign central bankers, but more and more American economists who are starting to openly challenge the second round of "quantitative easing."
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QE2 and the Alleged Deflation Threat

연방준비제도재정 이론간섭주의기타 학파

10/21/2010Mises Daily Articles
The justification given for "QE2," another round of quantitative easing, is of course the threat of deflation. But if we actually look for ourselves, we see that prices are not falling — not that it would be bad if they were.
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Quality is a Market Notion

04/07/2006Mises Daily Articles
In the marketplace, the consumers decide what is "improved." But in government institutions like schools, those doing the "improving" don't care what the consumers think. In fact, they only have a single strategy: spend more tax money.
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