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Multiple Currencies and Gresham’s Law in Zimbabwe

화폐와 은행화폐이론화폐와 금융

01/08/2015Mises Daily Articles
Zimbabwe, in the aftermath of years of hyperinflation, today has nine different currencies that are officially legal tender. The emerging system of multiple currencies offers a chance to make some interesting observations.
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More DC Lies on Debts and Spending

큰 정부미국 경제

12/08/2014Mises Daily Articles
DC budget spinners are at it again, claiming that deficits are melting away and the national debt is no big deal. In fact, debt and spending are just as out-of-control as ever, and if interest rates go up, we’re in deep trouble.
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Middle-of-the-Road Policy: Lessons from Argentina and Venezuela


11/15/2014Mises Daily Articles
Ludwig von Mises held that middle-of-the-road policy in economic interventionism eventually leads to widespread socialism. With price controls, protectionism, and rampant inflation, Venezuela and Argentina have proven him right.
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Moral Hazard and Socialism in Collective Security Agreements

전쟁과 대외정책간섭주의

11/03/2014Mises Daily Articles
Collective security agreements allow many countries's politicians to shift the cost of national defense to taxpayers outside their own countries. Moral hazard, belligerence, and over-reliance on military solutions often ensue.
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Money, Subjective Value, and Gold

금본위화폐와 금융

10/30/2014Mises Daily Articles
The quasi-gold standard promoted by Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames in their new book has more in common with the Bretton Woods system than with the classical gold standard.
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More Politics Means More Conflict

미국 역사정치 이론

10/28/2014Mises Daily Articles
A recent study shows that one's political views are now the most widespread source of discrimination and conflict in American society. Politics is now more important than ever because the state is more powerful than ever.
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Mises U Day 1 Highlights

오스트리안 경제학

07/21/2014Mises Daily Articles
Students began to arrive Sunday afternoon and by 5 pm, the Mises Institute was filled with students from around the nation, and around the world. Everyone had plenty to talk about. Dinner was served at 6 pm, and our faculty members were sure to sit with the students so our students could get to...
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My Social Justice Is Better Than Yours

자유시장기타 학파

06/25/2014Mises Daily Articles
It is a great irony that visions of socialist harmony necessarily result in rancorous and destructive struggles among groups with contradictory visions of the good society . It is perhaps equally ironic that profit-driven competition in markets results in the highest attainable degree of...
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