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Economic Calculation in the Socialist Society

계산과 지식

Hoff demonstrates why calculation is impossible in a socialist economy and concludes that it is impossible to have a non-market economy, because how do you establish prices.
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The Economic Causes of War

글로벌경제전쟁과 대외정책

Robbins' analysis here presented has still a place in the rational discussion of the possible causes of war.
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Economic Controversies

오스트리안 경제학인간행동학

After Murray Rothbard finished his theoretical magnum opus — Man, Economy, and State — he turned his attention away from pure positive theory toward dealing with the opposition to Austrian theory. The result was a long series of fantastic scholarly articles taking on every error of the day, and our...
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Economic Doctrine and Method: An Historical Sketch

세계역사기타 학파철학과 방법론

Shumpeter traces the genesis of the two strands of economics: o ne which originated in the study of the philosophers, and the other whose primary motive was in practical problems of the day.
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Economic Freedom and Interventionism

자유시장오스트리안 경제학간섭주의

This volume publishes 47 of Mises's most difficult-to-find speeches, small essays, and reviews—all written for a popular audience during his American years.
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The Economic Mind in American Civilization: 1606-1865, Volume One


In America as elsewhere, economic thought is an integral part of culture. Its richness and the reach of its relevance can be appreciated fully only when it is treated in its natural habitat of practical affairs and intellectual endeavor. It grows by constant crossbreeding with other species of...
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The Economic Mind in American Civilization: 1606-1865, Volume Two

미국 경제미국 역사

Just as differences in political theory among the learned gentlemen of business made little substantial difference in th.eir specific outlook on commerce, so in the academic world party animosities hardly affected the general economic philosophy.
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