History of Austro-Libertarian Thought: 384 BC – 2020 AD

To the extent we can grasp the nature of reality, it is through concepts derived from human action. Action is a bridge from our minds to reality.

Human concepts, including space and time, are developed through practical operations. A program developing "proto-physics" along these lines has been developed by Paul Lorenzen and his followers.

Argumentation ethics establish that the self-ownership principle and the first-user of property acquisition are required by reason. Denial thereof results in a "performative contradiction," i.e., stating the denial shows what one says is false.

The origin of natural law is man's rational nature, specifically his ability to argue; norms of natural law (contrary to conventional norms) are these norms to which no alternative exists and which cannot be denied by human beings argumentatively without falling into performative contradiction.

Anarcho-capitalism is the best possible system of social order. Monarchy and aristocracy are superior to democracy. The government in a democracy is limited to short-run considerations.

Biological characteristics (physical and mental) are possible sources of socially significant differences between men; these biological characteristics were in turn themselves selected for in the lengthy process of natural selection as a determinant of economic and therefore reproductive success; some forms of human cooperation (e.g., family) have biological basis.

The role of environmental challenges in the evolution of the human mind is stressed.

The lndustrial Revolution stemmed from superior groups able to respond to challenges.

The free market can best provide all services, including defense. Interference with it is unjustifiable. The category of "public goods" is invalid.

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