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Since 1986, Mises University has been the premier program for developing the next generation of scholars in the Austrian tradition. This July, 70 students attended from 65 different institutions and six countries. A variety of different disciplines were represented in this year's student body, all of them energized to learn more about the work of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and the Austrian school.

This year's topics included core subjects: money, banking, and praxeology. Additional courses included a deeper dive into Modern Monetary Theory, Bidenomics, and the history of the state. Along with lectures from our esteemed faculty, students enjoyed once-in-a-lifetime sessions like a special conversation with Lew Rockwell, a night with Judge Andrew Napolitano, and a tribute to Walter Block's 80th birthday, with Walter zooming in from Vancouver. 

The Mises U livestream brought in thousands of more students, with over 13,000 views during the week. All videos from this year's Mises U are available now online.

Thank you to our generous donors who make the Best Week of the Year possible.

As one of this year's students said, "Mises University gives people in my generation the only opportunity they may ever have to learn proper economics. In the fight for a free society, this is priceless."

The 2021 Mises University faculty included:

Per Bylund, Thomas DiLorenzo, Lucas Engelhardt, David Gordon, Jeffrey Herbener, Peter Klein, Sandy Klein, Jonathan Newman, Patrick Newman, Ryan McMaken, Shawn Ritenhour, Joseph Salerno, Timothy Terrell, and Mark Thornton.

2021 Mises University Oral Exam Winners:

  • The Douglas E. French First Prize: Chase Roycroft, Mises Institute Graduate Program
  • The Kenneth Garschina Second Prize: Porter Burkett, University of South Carolina
  • The Kenneth Garschina Third Prize: Samuel Cartagena-Sergenian

Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More

  • Former Research Fellow Sascha Klocke received his doctorate in Economic History from the University of Lund.
  • Mises Institute Fellow Per Bylund was awarded tenure at Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business.
  • Mises Institute Fellow Robert Murphy appeared on the Jordan Peterson Podcast, which currently has over 354k views.


  • On August 21st, the Mises Institute hosted a meetup in the beautiful Antler Hotel in Colorado Springs to consider a Post-Covid World. Speakers included Jeff Deist, Ryan McMaken, and FreedomWork's John Tamny author of the book When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus, Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason. Mr. Tamny’s talk was featured on CSPAN’s BookTV. Video is available here.
  • On August 6, Jeff Deist addressed students at Young Americans for Liberty’s Revolution 2021, an event with over a thousand students from around the US. The topic of the conversation was covid’s impact on the cause of political decentralization.
  • On September 24, Professor James Yohe brought students from his classes at Gadsden State Community College for a special seminar featuring Jeff Deist and Mark Thornton.

Mises Archives

Economics for Beginners

Mises Bookstore

  • The Mises Institute published Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s Economy, Society, and History.
  • Patrick Newman’s book Cronyism: Liberty versus Power in America, 1607–1849 was published at the end of September. It will be made available at the October Supporters Summit before being listed on the Mises Institute Bookstore.

Mises International

  • Mises Korea has published The Essential von Mises in Korean.


Top Ten Wire Articles in Q3:

Top Ten PDF Downloads in Q3:

  • Human Action 24,889 (40,172 total YTD)
  • Theory and History 3,483
  • Essentials of Economics 3,204
  • The Economics of Inflation 2,172
  • Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics 2,079
  • Lectures on Political Economy: Volume I, General Theory 1,608
  • Men of Wealth 1,469
  • Economic Calculation in the Socialist Society 1,322
  • Essays on Freedom and Power 1,318
  • Lectures on Political Economy: Volume II, Money 1,181

Top Ten MP4 Video Downloads (hosted on cdn.mises.org) for Q3:

  • What is Economics? 55,503
  • What is Cost? 54,670
  • What is Money? 54,011
  • Economics for Beginners 50,501
  • What is Progressivism? 49,633
  • What is Profit? 48,981
  • What is Socialism? 48,906
  • What is Capitalism? 47,312
  • What is Cronyism? 46,749
  • Why Experts Can't Predict the Future 16,696

Top Ten MP3 Audio Downloads in Q3:

  • Human Action Podcast:All Quiet on the Western Front 32,186
  • Human Action Podcast: John Tamny on When Politicians Panicked 21,547
  • Human Action Podcast: The Fiat Standard with Dr. Saifedean Ammous 15,895
  • Human Action Podcast: Rothbard on Left, Right, and the Prospects for Liberty 13,891
  • Human Action Podcast: Steven Phelan: Startup Stories 12,586
  • Human Action Podcast: Russell Kirk's "Libertarians, the Chirping Sectaries" 12,527
  • Radio Rothbard: Can States Nullify Federal Gun Laws? 8,237
  • Human Action Podcast: Mark Spitznagel's Safe Haven 7,562
  • Economics for Business: Matt McCaffrey: Austrian Business Strategy (Part 1): Emergent, Not Planned 5,834
  • Audio Mises Wire: Cuba: The Dictatorship and the "Blockade" Lie 5,556
  • Also of note: Anatomy of the State MP3 had 5,152 downloads

Top Ten Most Popular from Mises Institute Youtube Channel in Q3  (710,897 YTD total views):

  • We're in the Middle of a Long War with the State | Ryan McMaken 64,790
  • Bidenomics | Robert P. Murphy 56,954
  • Mises's Theory of Socialist Destructionism: The American Reality | Thomas J. DiLorenzo 31,747
  • Understanding Money Mechanics | Robert P. Murphy 29,553
  • Modern Monetary Theory | Lucas M. Engelhardt 28,465
  • The Covid Silver Lining | Jeff Deist 23,848
  • What Is Capitalism? 16,051
  • What is Economics? 11,783
  • Michael Malice on North Korea's "Economy" 11,466 (uploaded in Feb 2018)
  • Minimum Wage | Lucas M. Engelhardt 8,937