Rothbard Graduate Seminar

This June, sixteen graduate scholars came to the Institute for an intense seminar focused on Ludwig von Mises's Human Action. Rothbard Graduate Seminar remains one of the few events patterned after a traditional Great Books seminar, featuring alternating periods of chapter-focused lectures and student-led discussions. This allows students to not only strengthen their understanding of the foundational text, but to discuss application to modern topics, such as bitcoin, censorship concerns about Big Tech, and the unique issues of the managerial state.

The faculty included senior scholars Dr. Joseph Salerno, Dr. Peter Klein, Dr. Jeffrey Herbener, Dr. David Gordon, and Dr. Patrick Newman. This year's RGS cohort included scholars in a variety of disciplines: economics, history, political theory, and Native American studies, as well as current students in the Mises Institute's Graduate Program.

The 2021 Rothbard Graduate Seminar class included:

  • Antón Chamberlin, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Jeffery Degner, University of Angers
  • Manuel García Gojon, University of Buckingham
  • Karras Lambert, George Mason University
  • Gordon Miller, Baylor University
  • Marcel Gautreau, George Mason University
  • Timothy Blanton, University of Florida
  • Trevor Daher, Mises Institute Graduate Program
  • Heath Dowers, University of Dallas
  • Peter Earle, University of Angers
  • Fergus Hodgson, Rice University
  • David McClain, Mises Institute Graduate Program
  • Misty Peñuelas, University of Oklahoma
  • Chase Roycroft, Mises Institute Graduate Program
  • Nathaniel Smith, George Mason University
  • Robert Zwarich, Troy University

Rothbard Graduate Seminar is possible thanks to the continuing generosity of Ms. Alice Lillie.

Birmingham Meetup

On April 10, for a second year, the Mises Institute hosted a sold-out gathering at Avondale Brewery in Birmingham for a hard-hitting look at the continuing economic and political fallout from the government's response to the viral outbreak.

Speakers included:

  • Jeff Deist, "A Covid Counterfactual"
  • Tom DiLorenzo, "Why the Absence of a Crisis is a Crisis for the State"
  • Tho Bishop, Jonathan Newman, Buck Johnson, "Panel: Strategy in the Post-Trump/Biden Era"

This event was made possible thanks to Mark Walker.

2021 Medical Freedom Summit

On June 17, the Mises Institute held our first Medical Freedom Summit, featuring a variety of medical professionals, economists, and other specialists who took a careful look at the way markets can improve the current state of American healthcare.

Speakers included:

  • Jeff Deist, "Can Economics Save Medicine?"
  • Joe Matarese, "Medical Staffing and the Revolutionary Innovations We Need"
  • Nick Vailas, "Bringing the Free Market to the Healthcare Bazar"
  • Dr. Ben Powell, "Follow the (Economic) Science: Why Lockdowns Were Bad Pandemic Policy"
  • Dr. Peter St. Onge, "What Canada Can Teach Us about Medical Freedom"
  • Dr. Adam Wheeler, "Direct Primary Care: Aligning Incentives in Healthcare"
  • Hunter Hastings, "How Medical Innovation Happens: Cash Clinics in Pharmacies and Big Box Stores"
  • Gayle Brekke, "Imagining a Better Way: Foundations of a Healthy Healthcare System"
  • Dr. G. Keith Smith, "How the Surgery Center of Oklahoma Tapped the Cash Market"

Video from the event can be found here.

This event was made possible thanks to Joe and Tracy Matarese.

Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More

Research Fellows

By supporting graduate, law school, and postdoc students in their academic research, the Mises Institute Research Fellowship program has been vital to the growth of the modern Austrian school. This year, we’ve hosted seven fellows in residence:

  • Antón Chamberlin, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Jeffery Degner, University of Angers
  • Manuel García Gojon, University of Buckingham
  • Karras Lambert, George Mason University
  • Gordon Miller, Baylor University
  • Marcel Gautreau, George Mason University
  • Dr. Patrick Newman, visiting faculty, Florida Gulf Coast University

New Publication

The Mises Institute recently published Hans Hoppe's The Great Fiction: Property, Economy, Society, and the Politics of Decline, in an expanded second edition. This book is a compendium of sorts, a cross section of Professor Hoppe’s best work across several decades arranged in one accessible volume. It originally was published in 2012, but languished without the audience it deserved. This volume rejuvenates Hoppe's work with no less than six new chapters and more than a hundred new pages not found in the earlier edition. It is available for free on and for purchase in the Mises bookstore.

Economics for Beginners

In May, we published "What Is Progressivism?," the eighth video in our highly successful Economics for Beginners series.

Mises Bookstore

We recently acquired the rights to produce the first audiobook of Hans-Hermann Hoppe's influential book Democracy: The God That Failed.  Dr. Hoppe’s important work is now available at the Mises store, audiobooks platforms, as well as free at

Mises International

  • Scholars in Turkey have created a website dedicated to translating content from the Mises Institute at They are happy to report they have reached thirty thousand readers.
  • Our friends at Mises Korea are publishing a new translation of The Essential von Mises, a collection of articles from Ludwig von Mises which was edited by Murray Rothbard.

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  • Theorie des geldes und der Umlaufsmittel