Austrian Economics Research Conference 2021

On March 19 and 20, the Mises Institute played host to some of the greatest scholars in the Austrian tradition at the 2021 Austrian Economics Research Conference. The conference featured presentations on a variety of topics, many of which will be featured in prominent economic journals. The conference concluded with a special celebration of the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Carl Menger's Principles of Economics, the work that truly birthed the Austrian tradition. This social was generously sponsored by Hunter and Julie Hastings.

AERC 2021 Keynote Lectures:

The F.A. Hayek Memorial Lecture | Douglas B. Rasmussen, "Rothbard’s Account of the Action Axiom: A Neo-Aristotelian-Thomistic Defense" (sponsored by Greg and Joy Morin)

The Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture | Steve Mariotti, "Entrepreneurship and Liberty" (sponsored by Yousif Almoayyed)

The Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture | Samuel Bostaph, "From Menger to Mises" (sponsored by  Dr. Don Printz) 

The Murray N. Rothbard Memorial Lecture | Matthew McCaffrey, "The Long Rehabilitation of Frank Fetter" (sponsored by Steven and Cassandra Torello)

The Lou Church Memorial Lecture | Francis Beckwith, "Neither Theocracy nor Liberal Hegemony" (sponsored by the Lou Church Foundation)

Photos from the event can be found here.

2021 Awards in Austrian Economics

At the Austrian Economics Research Conference, the Mises Institute recognizes significant contributions to Austrian scholarship from teaching professionals, as well as the works of the next generation of promising scholars:

The O.P. Alford III Prize in Political Economy was awarded to Dr. Tate Fegley (University of Pittsburgh) for his paper "Police Unions and Officer Privileges," published in the Independent Review 25, no. 2 (Fall 2020)

The Lawrence W. Fertig Prize in Austrian Economics was awarded to Kristoffer Hansen (University of Leipzig) for his paper "The Menger-Mises Theory of the Origin of Money—Conjecture or Economic Law?," published the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 22 , no. 1  (Spring 2019)

Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize for Excellence in Research and Teaching was awarded to Dr. Karl-Friedrich Israel (Western Catholic University)

The Peterson-Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics was presented to  Dr. Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

The Kenneth Garschina Student Prizes

1st Place: Kesong Wang, Hokkaido University, "A Further Clarification of Ludwig von Mises as a Currency School Free Banker"

2nd Place: Pedro Almeida Jorge, Universidad Francisco Marroquín , "The Two Traditions of Marginalist Thought"

3rd Place: Jeffrey Degner, University of Angers, "Family Economics and the Socialist State: The Calculation Problem Applied to Eastern Bloc Fertility Economics"

Mises Graduate Program

As we take the initial steps to prepare our application for national accreditation, the Mises Institute excitedly welcomed its second cohort of graduate students who began their course of study in the program on January 4, 2021. This new cohort of graduate students joins the August 2020 cohort in pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Austrian economics. The average undergraduate GPA of those accepted into the Mises Institute’s graduate program is 3.55, with half of those admitted already holding at least one graduate degree.

Applications for the next start date of August 2021 are coming in at a brisk pace and several outstanding applicants have already been accepted into what will be this third cohort.

Mises Scholars

Demelza Hays, a 2015 Mises Research Scholar, successfully defended her doctorate in business economics from the University of Liechtenstein. Her dissertation was "The Role of Cryptocurrency in Asset Management."

Press Recognition

Tho Bishop’s article "Trump’s Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies of the State" was recognized by Rush Limbaugh on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Jeff Deist was a guest on The Babylon Bee podcast.

Peter Klein was featured on the Baylor Connections podcast.

Economics in One Lessons Giveaway

Thanks to generous donors, the Mises Institute has been giving away complimentary copies of Economics in One Lesson to student groups, civics clubs, and even state legislative bodies all around the country.

In February, the Mises Institute had a booth at CPAC 2021—the only booth at the event with a focus on education. Copies of Hazlitt’s classic were distributed to Teen Age Republicans clubs, Turning Point USA members, Young Americans for Liberty volunteers, and various professional and homeschooling organizations.

Thomas Naramore, an AP Economics teachers in North Carolina, sent a very nice letter to the Institute thanking us for providing copies for his entire class.

Additionally, the entire South Dakota State Legislature were provided copies after a request from Representative Aaron Aylward.

Economics for Beginners

This quarter  we added "What is Cronyism?" and "What is Socialism?" to our popular animated video series for beginners.

Two organizations are translating our video series and offering them to their website viewers in their respective countries: Liberales Institut in Switzerland and Mises Korea in South Korea.

Video Views for Quarter 1, 2021:

Economics for Beginners 140,284 views

What is Economics? 123,075

What is Cost? 111,933

What is Money? 111,330

What is Profit? 105,623

What is Capitalism? 101,842

What is Cronyism? 57,870

What is Socialism? 14,419

Mises Media

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Top PDF Downloads:

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Theory of Money and Credit  1,746

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Dinero credito bancario ciclos economicos  1,771

Chaos Theory  1,524

Top YouTube Sessions (424,620 total):

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Mises Archives

Mr. Benjamin Juhlin donated a copy of Human Action (Mänsklig Handlande) in Swedish, which he translated. We have multiple translations in our library, including Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

Scholars at Mises Korea donated a copy of their new translation of Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s What Must Be Done.