Faculty, Associated Scholars, and More:

  • Mark Thornton, Mises Senior Fellow, was invited to give public lectures at North Carolina State University, University of South Alabama, and Auburn University.
  • Per Bylund, Mises Associated Scholar, is teaching a new course on Austrian economics to executive PhD students at Oklahoma State University.

  • Tate Fegley, 2016 and 2018 Mises Research Fellow, won 2nd prize for the Hayek Essay Contest sponsored by the Mont Pelerin Society. Read his paper here.

Mises Audio:

Free audiobook version of The Skyscraper Curse is now available on the following platfroms: via RSS, and on mises.org, Soundcloud, iTunes, and Google Play. It will also be available for purchase on Audible. (Many thanks to Tyler Folger for this.)

Mises Weekends:

Mises Weekends this quarter has featured a variety of interesting guests discussing pertinent issues of the day:

Media Recognition:

  • Mark Thornton discussed The Skyscraper Curse in numerous media outlets, including:
    • Tom Woods Show (watch here)
    • Scott Horton Show
    • Power Trading Radio
    • American Spectator
    • RT
    • Boom-Bust Show
    • Reason
    • Lara-Murphy Report
    • Heartland Institute publications


  • Murray Rothbard was quoted in The Hill by Corey Lewindowski in reference to NAFTA:

"Historically, true fiscal conservatives have shared the president’s abhorrence for international backroom deal-making cloaked under the guise of free trade. As notated by the free-market Mises Institute, even the renowned economist Murray Rothbard once pointed out that, “The folks who have brought us NAFTA and presume to call it ‘free trade’ are the same people who call government spending ‘investment,’ taxes ‘contributions,’ and raising taxes ‘deficit reduction.’ ” (You can read the article here.)

Mises Institute Hosts Events:

  • Mises University, our flagship summer teaching event, brought 195 attendees from around the world for an intensive week of education in Austrian economics. This year Mises U included 148 students from 24 countries and 33 US states.
  • The 2018 Supporter's Summit was held at the Mises Campus in Auburn September 27–29. Attendees represented from 26 US states, Austria, Canada, Norway, Slovakia, UK, and Venezuela. Students on scholarships attended from 19 high schools, colleges, and universities. Watch Supporter's Summit talks here.

New Publications:

Liberty, Dicta & Force by Louis E. Carabini:
"Advancing social ideas that do not demand obedience or compliance requires far more personal patience than simply forcing others to comply via the political ballot box. The widely held idea that dicta and force can serve a useful purpose will eventually fade into backward thinking in the so-called public sector as it has in the private sector. Time, nature, reason and the human spirit will see to that. Irrespective of good intentions or the approval by consensus, nature's unrelenting feedback will gradually drive ruling political authorities to extinction."

Getting Libertarianism Right by Hans-Hermann Hoppe:
"The present collection will be useful as a brief statement of where Hoppe stands on the most important issues within the libertarian movement — and the most important issues of our age. Some regard Hoppe as the greatest living libertarian, others as the devil. The only point of agreement is that he is a thinker who cannot be ignored."

New Translations:

The Economics and Ethics of Private Property by Hans-Hermann Hoppe was translated into Chinese and will be published by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press. This is the latest in a long series of translations of Austrian economics and libertarian books into Chinese by former Mises U graduate Xiong Tyler Yue.

New Books Added to Mises Bookstore Catalog:

Economic Theory of Costs: Foundations and New Directions by Matt McCaffrey
The theory of costs is a cornerstone of economic thinking, and figures crucially in the study of human action and society. From the first day of a principles-level course to the most advanced academic literature, costs play a vital role in virtually all behaviors and economic outcomes. How we make choices, why we trade, and how we build institutions and social orders are all problems that can be explained in light of the costs we face. Here you will find the unique Austrian perspective of the theory of costs and how to apply them to new problems.

Just Not State! by Peter Preusse
Any form of domination and coercive rule is illegitimate. The author consolidates and restates ethics of self-ownership and ownership and introduces the neglected axiom of the "equal human rank" as a valuator. Included here is a draft constitution for a lasting and stateless society based on equality and full sovereignty of the individual’s  property rights.

The Progressive Era, has been enrolled in a new Amazon beta program called Great on Kindle — a program for high quality nonfiction eBooks that make them easier for customers to discover.

Mises Academy:

Mises Academy recently surpassed 3,500 enrolled students for the Mises Boot Camp course.

Our next Mises Academy course will be: The Economics of Healthcare with Tim Terrell.


Top 10 performing new Mises Wire articles on mises.org:

  1. Why We Can't Ignore the "Militia" Clause of the Second Amendment by Ryan McMaken
  2. Kavanaugh is an Enemy of the 4th Amendment by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
  3. Neil Peart's Bleeding Heart by Jeff Deist
  4. Render Unto Caesar: A Most Misunderstood New Testament Passage by Jeff Barr
  5. You Can't Be Both Pro Military and Pro Second Amendment by Ryan McMaken
  6. You Now Can't Leave the U.S. Unless the IRS Lets You by Ryan McMaken
  7. How the United Kingdom Became a Police State by Neema Parvini
  8. The Minimum Wage Doesn’t Do What You Think It Does by Jordan Setayesh
  9. People Love to Move to the States Paul Krugman Hates the Most by Robert Murphy
  10. 4 Reasons Why Socialism Fails by Antony P. Mueller 

General Mises News:

On November 3, the Mises Institute will host a Symposium with Ron Paul and special guests in Lake Jackson, TX, to discuss alternative media.