Mises Institute in Seattle: Why American Democracy Fails

Join us for a great Italian lunch and provocative speakers on September 14th in Bellevue, at Maggiano's Restaurant!

Our topic is mass democracy. Elites in America spent the 20th century lecturing us about the unquestioned virtue of democracy and voting. But they change their tune when the wrong guy wins. Donald Trump, Brexit, and the rise of right-populist movements in Europe all challenge the West's great sacred cow.

Hans Hoppe famously reconsidered the cult of democracy in his 2001 book Democracy: The God that Failed. Democratic politicians and voters, with high time preference and no skin in the game, give us endless spending, debt, entitlements, and war — not liberty. 

Our speakers will apply Hoppe's critique to the upcoming 2020 presidential election, which promises to be brutal. What are the limits of democracy in a country of 320 million people? Have we reached the end of the myth of democratic consensus? What if democratic voting, so called, doesn’t yield any compromise between Left and Right — but only creates endless division and an entrenched political class? And what might the future of democracy look like? (hint: decentralized, smaller, local)

You don't want to miss this event!
Registration and bookstore open 9:30 a.m.
10:00 a.m. Welcoming remarks
10:05 a.m. Jeff Deist: Politics as Retribution in 2020  
10:35 a.m.  Dr. Robert Murphy: How Democracy Destroys Political Economy
11:05 a.m.  Q and A with Deist and Murphy, plus a group survey
11:30 a.m.  Panel: A Hoppean View of the 2020 Election
12:00 p.m.  Lunch and Keynote with Ilana Mercer: Fight the Dumbed-Down System
1:30 p.m.    Adjourn

Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant is at Lincoln Square in Bellevue: 10455 N.E. 8th Street, Bellevue, Washington. Phone (425) 519-6476. Parking is free in the underground garage of Maggiano's. Attire is casual.

For accommodations at The Westin Bellevue near Maggiano's, call 425-638-1000 before August 23 and mention Mises Institute for a special rate of $149 per night plus tax. Or reserve a room online here.

Special thanks to the Harvey Allison family for making this event possible.

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