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Supporters Summit 2011, Vienna, Austria

This form registers you for the Supporters Summit 2011 in Vienna, Austria.  To register at the Member prices listed here, please Join as a Member or include your donation on this form.  To check the status of your Membership, please call 800-636-4737.

For each event chosen below, please add the appropriate number of attendees to the quantity checkbox and checkmark the amount box.  Press "Update Total" before pressing "Submit".

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Member Registration Fee (single)

Includes all sessions, refreshment breaks, continental breakfast Tuesday and Wednesday, optional guided afternoon tours Tuesday and Wednesday. (Does not include Wednesday closing dinner.)

Member Registration Fee (couple)
Non-Member Registration Fee (per person)
Classical Viennese Dinner & Waltzing (per person)

Optional closing event Wednesday evening for conference attendees and their guests.

Optional Tours to Salzburg area (per person)

Optional sightseeing all day Thursday and Friday, includes motor coach transportation, admission to World Heritage Sites, boat trip, and guided tours.  (Meals on your own.)

Membership Donation

Join the Mises Institute now to register at the Member rates.  Your annual tax-deductible donation of $50 or more supports the work of the Mises Institute and enables you to receive discounts on selected conferences and books and other benefits.  Couples can join under one Membership donation.

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