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Mises Circle at Furman University (Sponsored by Furman University Students for a Better Tomorrow)

This form registers you for the Mises Circle at Furman University in Greenville, SC, February 25, 2012. The registration fee is $75 and includes sessions, refreshments and a complimentary book.  Your additional contribution of any amount to enable students to attend on scholarship is greatly appreciated!

If you are a student applying for a scholarship to attend the event, please go to the end of the webpage for this event and complete the student application instead of using this page.

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Mises Circle

Sessions, refreshments, complimentary book.  $75 per person.  Indicate the number of attendees in the Quantity checkbox.


Your donation of $50 for Mises Institute Membership entitles you to discounts on selected conferences and books, plus a monthly newsletter.  An additional donation enables students to attend this event on scholarship.


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