Monday, June 1, 2020

Martial Law and Lockdowns: An Online Seminar with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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June 5, 2020



Just as America begins to reopen from the Coronavirus lockdowns, protests break out across the country. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano joins Jeff Deist for an in-depth look at the legal crisis facing America in the wake of COVID-19 and ongoing civil unrest.

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Mises Meetup in Birmingham, Alabama

June 6, 2020


Birmingham, Alabama

Join Dr. Patrick Newman and Jeff Deist for a special Mises Meetup gathering in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Rothbard Graduate Seminar 2020

June 7, 2020June 12, 2020


Auburn, Alabama

The Rothbard Graduate Seminar provides an intense study of Misesian and Rothbardian economic analysis, along with the substantive conclusions of that research in related fields.

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