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Jason Morgan

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Jason Morgan is a 2016 Mises Institute Fellow

Research areas: law and society movement in late-19th and early-to-mid-20th century Japan, with concentration on Suehro Izutaro, the father of Japanese labor law who worked to reform the court system in order to bring about a more equitable system of justice; the use of Austrian economics to provide substantive answers to questions about natural law in history; to show that libertarian ideas can work in any cultural context.

Current affiliation: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Future plans: to become a professor of history at the university level.

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Cuando la ciencia no es ciencia

Filosofía y Metodología

Muchos científicos modernos simplemente siguen los pasos de Jacques Cousteau, quien una vez opinó que «la población mundial debe estabilizarse y para ello debemos eliminar a 350.000 personas por día».
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