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Combining a degree in economics from the University of Illinois with a specialty in the Austrian school of economics, Chris advises clients on their investment portfolios in today’s world of significant economic and financial intervention.

Chris has served as a trusted advisor to a diverse range of business owners, advising them on financial issues impacting their companies and their personal wealth. Throughout his career as a Director with the national financial services firm Stout Risius Ross, Chris advised business owners from a variety of industries on the risk and return profile of their equity interests. In addition, Chris advised high net worth individuals and families related to their financial, tax and estate planning. At his previous firm, Chris was also in charge of marketing Private Client Services on a nationwide basis.

Chris has been a frequent speaker before a number of organizations and conferences, including USA Watchdog, GoldMoney, Freedom Fest, and various bar associations and radio shows, including weekly financial and economic commentary on The Edge of Liberty (WNJC 1360, Philadelphia). His writings have appeared in a variety of publications and websites including The Ludwig von Mises Institute, Zero Hedge, Family Business, Casey Research, and Laissez Faire Books. He is a board member of the Economics Development Council with the University of Illinois, a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute’s Center on Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, and a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder (CFA®). Chris enjoys cycling, cooking, reading, writing, and spending time with his children. Chris resides in Elmhurst, Illinois.

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¿Presidente Pence y vicepresidente Harris? Podría suceder

Teoría Política

Aquí hay un escenario que los mercados tal vez todavía tienen que considerar. Gracias a la Vigésima Enmienda, es posible que Pence gane la Casa Blanca y Harris sea el vicepresidente.
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No te olvides de la guerra comercial

Economía GlobalProteccionismo y Libre Comercio

Trump ve claramente el comercio de manera mercantilista, con el país en déficit «en pérdida» y «bajando». Pero continuar la guerra comercial sólo hace más probable la recesión para ambas partes. Afortunadamente China está estancada en comprometerse con un acuerdo comercial.
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La economía: el invierno se acerca

Auges y DeclivesMercado Financiero

Desde la curva de rendimiento hasta el crecimiento de la oferta de dinero, hay buenos motivos para creer que estamos en el otoño de la expansión actual.
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