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Jovana Diković

Dr. Jovana Diković is an economic anthropologist and researcher at the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at the University of Zurich. She is also a lecturer at the Universities of Zurich and St. Gallen. Her regional expertise is in the rural Balkans where she investigates how microeconomics, local cultures, values, and ideas skew the course of the state plans for agriculture, rural development, and cooperation. She is particularly interested in understanding how the synergy of local forces reconfigures the institutionalized idea of change. She widely publishes in academic journals and political magazines in Switzerland, the US and Serbia. For more about the work and interests of Dr. Diković visit: here and here.  

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Mandatos de vacunación: ¿quién cumplirá y por qué?


La filosofía de los pasaportes covid es que la gente es venal y puede ser fácilmente sobornada y obligada a conformarse. Pero, ¿es esto cierto para las personas que se oponen a los mandatos de vacunación?
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