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Mises Meetup in Orlando with Jeff Deist and Dr. Patrick Newman


August 29, 2020Orlando, Florida

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Join Jeff Deist and Dr. Patrick Newman for a preelection discussion of America 2020 and what is sure to be a very nasty election season. We'll meet Saturday, August 29th, from 9:00 AM to noon.

Last time we met in Orlando, Bob Murphy mentioned how much worse our political and social divide would be if the economy crashed like 2008. Now we face this very problemwith COVID-19 lockdowns and George Floyd protests decimating the economy and social media exposing raw animosity along racial and "woke" lines. Congress and the Fed have gone into overdrive creating new stimulus and "liquidity," but 40 million Americans are unemployed and major cities are still recovering from turmoil. The national debt tops $26 trillion while tax receipts at all levels of government plummet.

So what does it all mean for you, for freedom, and for the future of Americaeconomic and otherwise?  You won't want to miss this freewheeling discussion!

We'll meet in Orlando on Satu​rday, August 29, 2020 at Azalea Lodge within Mead Botanical Gardens, 1300 South Denning Drive, Winter Park.  Registration is only $20, with coffee, tea, soft drinks, and pastries served.  We'll have books from Dr. Newman available for purchase, along with Mises Institute merchandise.  Attire is casual. Mask wearing is not required in Azalea Lodge.

For those who are interested, join the speakers for a no-host luncheon immediately following the seminar, at Graffiti Junktion, 2401 Edgewater Drive, Orlando (2.5 miles from Mead Botanical Gardens). Space is limited to the first fifty customers. Masks are required to be worn when entering the restaurant.

Directions to Azalea Lodge: enter through the black entrance gates of Mead Botanical Gardens and continue on the entry road to Azalea Lodge, the main building at the back of the property, with parking in front. 

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Greg Roe for making this event possible.


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