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Andreas Kohl Martinez

Andreas Kohl Martinez, best known as “Mr. Liechtenstein”, is a cryptocurrency expert and libertarian thinker with a particular interest in the effects of political and social decentralisation, the future of blockchain technology, the ethics and economics of self-determination, and as the nickname suggests, the history, regulatory climate and government structure of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Andreas was also an OTC Trader at Mammoth AG and is a prominent blockchain consultant in the Principality, as well as a council member of the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty in Spain.

Andreas is a citizen of France, Spain, Germany and the US. He currently resides in Sevelen, Switzerland, right on the border with Liechtenstein.

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Por qué funciona Liechtenstein: autodeterminación y gobernanza de mercado

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Siendo tan pequeño, el gobierno de Liechtenstein debe proporcionar servicios de manera que sea atractivo para sus ciudadanos, muchos de los cuales podrían invertir fácilmente su riqueza en otros lugares.

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