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Antony Sammeroff

Antony Sammeroff co-hosts the Scottish Liberty Podcast and has featured prominently on other libertarian themed shows including The Tom Woods Show, Lions of Liberty, School Sucks Podcast, and many more. His book Universal Basic Income — For and Against (with a foreword by Robert P. Murphy) is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. His previous self-help book Procrastination Annihilation is free to download from Antony blogs on economic issues at and his articles have also been published by the Scottish Libertarian Party, the Cobden Centre, The Backbencher, The Rational Rise, and

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Es Hora de Renunciar al Servicio Nacional de Salud de Gran Bretaña

Gran Bretaña solía ser un líder mundial en innovación y calidad en el cuidado de la salud. Ya no más.
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