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Fernando Monteiro D'Andrea

Fernando is a Management Engineer, a former business consultant and assistant professor and currently a PhD student in Marketing / Innovation. He is interested in applications of Austrian ideas in businesses and especially in how entrepreneurs guide the markets through innovation in environments in which freedom of actions is constrained. He is associated with Instituto Mises Brasil where he specializes in Business Cycles, Market Processes and Competition and Entrepreneurship. He is a 2017 Mises University Alumni and in 2018 he will be a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute. You can visit his website at or follow him at, and LinkedIn/in/dodandrea.

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7 lecciones que los dueños de negocios pueden aprender de la economía austriaca

Monopolio y CompetenciaValor e Intercambio

Como sabía Mises, la economía “afecta a todos y pertenece a todos”, y esto incluye sin duda a los dueños de negocios.
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