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Ludwig von Mises's Suggested Research Topics: Progress Report

  • Ludwig von Mises

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We first printed this list in 2007:

Bettina-Bien Greaves took careful notes during Ludwig von Mises's New York seminars. Whenever he made a comment that suggested research paper or book, she jotted it down on a note card. She kept all these note cards and has generously agreed to share them with the public by sending them to us.

The Mises Institute is pleased to make them public for the first time.

Mises's students followed up on many of the ideas listed here, other topics have been explored in a half-century of economic writing, while many more are left undone. May they inspire the Misesians of this generation to see the Austrian School as a research paradigm that is constantly developing.

Many of these have now been done, such as this one: "A real history of (economic thought) would have to point out the development of the doctrines and not merely list every book." Check. 

But there are still many ideas in the list that students may still find to be helpful.

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