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11/14/2017Patrick Newman

In this course, Professor Patrick Newman walks students through the highlights and major themes of Murray Rothbard’s recently published book, The Progressive Era. Rothbard’s power-elite historical analysis shows how big business, big unions, and big government conspired to cartelize industries in order to further their own interests. Programs and agencies started in the Progressive Era have a destructive legacy that has carried on for a century. 

Patrick Newman, in addition to being a professor and former Mises Summer Research Fellow, is also editor of this previously unpublished Rothbard gem. Patrick discusses not only the book's content but also Rothbard’s methods of historical analysis and other related materials. 


This online course is free, and is designed to be taken along with reading Murray Rothbard's previously unpublished work, The Progressive Era. You can order a paperback or hardcover copy of The Progressive Era from the Mises Bookstore or access the ebook for free. Please consider a donation to help support the creation of more courses!


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Contact Patrick Newman

Patrick is Assistant Professor of Economics at Florida Southern College. He completed his PhD in the Department of Economics at George Mason University. He is a 2018 Mises Institute Research Fellow.

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