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Etiquetas Dinero y Banca

10/17/2016Philipp BagusJoseph T. SalernoMurray N. Rothbard

Featuring lectures by Philipp Bagus, Joseph T. Salerno, and Murray N. Rothbard, this three-lecture course gives the student a coherent Austrian economics approach to money and banking, with sound economic theory applied to the origins and development of money, fractional reserve banking, and central banks.


Contact Philipp Bagus

Philipp Bagus is professor at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He is a Fellow of the Mises Institute, an IREF scholar, and the author of numerous books including In Defense of Deflation and The Tragedy of the Euro, and is coauthor of Blind Robbery!, Small States. Big Possibilities.: Small States Are Simply Better!, and Deep Freeze: Iceland's Economic Collapse.

Contact Joseph T. Salerno

Joseph Salerno is academic vice president of the Mises Institute, professor emeritus of economics at Pace University, and editor of the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.


Murray N. Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard made major contributions to economics, history, political philosophy, and legal theory. He combined Austrian economics with a fervent commitment to individual liberty.

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