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Guerra económica

Libre Mercado

04/25/2018Mises Daily Articles
Los expertos usan el lenguaje de la guerra y la lucha para describir las relaciones económicas, pero la economía se dirige al beneficio mutuo, o juegos de suma positiva.
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Gold versus Fractional Reserves

Auges y DeclivesLa Reserva FederalPatrón OroTeoría Monetaria

11/22/2017Mises Daily Articles
A dual currency system could eventually permit a smooth transition back to a sound gold currency.
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George Orwell and the Cold War: A Reconsideration

Guerra y Política ExteriorOtras Escuelas de Pensamiento

10/04/2017Mises Daily Articles
What Garet Garrett called a "complex of vaunting and fear" has been the hallmark of the American Empire, and previous empires.
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Greece’s Biggest Problem Is Its Anti-Capitalist Culture

Economía GlobalIntervencionismoDinero y Banca

07/08/2015Mises Daily Articles
Like Argentina and Venezuela, Greece's economy is plagued not just by institutional problems, but by a pervasive anti-capitalism that continually cripples the ability of individual Greeks to build wealth and a solid economy.
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Greek Taxpayers Facing a Future of Debt Slavery

Economía GlobalDinero y BancosDinero y Banca

07/06/2015Mises Daily Articles
The Greek government has spent freely for many years to enrich itself and its special interests at the expense of taxpayers. And now, it is not the Greek politicians who will suffer, but the taxpayers who face a future of unending debt payments.
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Gold and Economic Inequality

Dinero y BancosPatrón OroDinero y Banca

06/16/2015Mises Daily Articles
Both Republicans and Democrats think they can tinker their way to creating an economy with less inequality. Both sides miss the point, and ignore the central role of government fiat money in the problem.
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Government Spending on "Innovation": The True Cost Is Higher Than You Think

Cálculo y ConocimientoMonopolio y CompetenciaSubjetivismo

06/15/2015Mises Daily Articles
Many claim that great advances in technology come primarily through government spending on research. In fact, government tech spending crowds out other innovations while favoring certain interest groups at everyone else's expense.
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Government Regulation and Economic Stagnation

Gran GobiernoEconomía GlobalIntervencionismo

05/19/2015Mises Daily Articles
Many economists have many theories about why economic growth in many advanced economies is stagnating. Some seem to think it’s irreversible, but a good look at creeping government regulation might offer a few hints as to the true cause.
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Government Regulation: Another Hidden Tax

Libre MercadoImpuestos y GastoEmpresarialidad

03/16/2015Mises Daily Articles
It's much easier to calculate the direct cost of a tax than the many indirect costs of a government regulation. Nevertheless, government regulations remain some of the biggest millstones around the neck of human progress and ingenuity.
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Government Loans: Risky Business for Taxpayers

Dinero y BancosImpuestos y GastoDinero y Banca

02/11/2015Mises Daily Articles
Government loans often feature lower interest rates than what can be found in the private sector. But this is only because these cheap loans are taxpayer subsidized. Meanwhile, the government bans many private loans that risky borrowers need most.
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