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Antitrust Policy Is Both Harmful and Useless

Sistema LegalIntervencionismoMonopolio y Competencia

02/21/2019Mises Daily Articles
Whether or not anti-trust legislation remains helpful to consumers, or makes any economic sense, remains entirely debatable.
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Against the Neoliberals

BiografíasHistoria de la Escuela Austriaca de Economía

01/08/2019Mises Daily Articles
Mises, unlike the neoliberals, argued that the best way to combat monopolies was to abolish the policies and government institutions that created them in the first place.
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America Goes to War

Gran GobiernoHistoria de EEUUGuerra y Política ExteriorIntervencionismo

11/10/2018Mises Daily Articles
Hostilities in the North Atlantic provided the context — or rather, pretext — for America's participation.
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Anatomía del Pánico Bancario

Libre MercadoDinero y BancosIntervencionismo

07/12/2018Mises Daily Articles
Sería educativo ver cuántos bancos sobrevivirían si los enormes apoyos gubernamentales finalmente fueran eliminados.
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Anatomy of the Bank Run

Libre MercadoDinero y BancosIntervencionismo

07/12/2018Mises Daily Articles
It would be instructive to see how many banks would survive if the massive governmental props were finally taken away.
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A Case for Alternative History

Historial MundialFilosofía y Metodología

06/13/2018Mises Daily Articles
The history that didn't happen can be just as interesting as the history that did.
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Aristotle on Private Property and Money

BiografíasHistorial MundialTeoría del Capital y el InterésPropiedad Privada

11/04/2017Mises Daily Articles
Although Aristotle scorned moneymaking and was scarcely a partisan of laissez-faire, he set forth a trenchant argument in favor of private property.
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A Case for Monetary Independence

La Reserva FederalDinero y BancosDinero y Banca

04/11/2015Mises Daily Articles
"Sound money and free banking are not impossible; they are merely illegal," Hans Sennholz wrote. Today, the barriers to competition in money and free-market banking are numerous, but even a few non-radical changes could open up a new world of options and competition for bankers and consumers.
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A Portrait of the Classical Gold Standard

Historial MundialPatrón OroDinero y Banca

04/06/2015Mises Daily Articles
While not at all perfect, the classical gold standard of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century facilitated some of the greatest leaps in economic prosperity ever witnessed. Marcia Christoff-Kurapovna surveys the views of central bankers and economists of the time.
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A Necessary Correction in the Oil Industry

Auges y DeclivesEconomía GlobalEconomía de EEUU

03/18/2015Mises Daily Articles
Oil prices have fallen largely due to economic and political realities in China and the US. The resulting correction is a good thing, and, in spite of what many panicky central bankers think, falling oil prices are a good thing.
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