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Development Economics: An Austrian Perspective

  • Development Economics: An Austrian Perspective

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01/22/2018G. P. Manish

In the post-World War II period, a number of developing countries in Asia and Africa had just gained independence from their colonial masters. Raising living standards for their citizens became the focus of the leaders in these new countries. Development Economics emerged as a distinct field during this time, primarily devoted to economic growth. The focus of this course will be to present the Austrian perspective on Development Economics, with particular attention on capital accumulation and the structure of production.

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G. P. Manish

GP Manish is a Fellow of the Mises Institute and BB&T Professor of Economic Freedom within the Johnson Center for Political Economy at Troy University. He is a recipient of the Mises Institute's Douglas E. French Prize, George and Joele Eddy Prize, and the O.P Alford III Prize in Political Economy. He teaches a course on Advanced Austrian Economics in the Masters program at Troy University.

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