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02/12/2015Ludwig von Mises

Mises explains that the core choice we face is between rational economic organization by market prices and the arbitrary dictates of government bureaucrats. There is no third way.

This audio book is made available through the generosity of Mr. Tyler Folger. Narrated by Millian Quinteros.

Download the complete audio book (31 MP3 files) in a single zip file below, or listen on Mises.org here.


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Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises was the acknowledged leader of the Austrian school of economic thought, a prodigious originator in economic theory, and a prolific author. Mises's writings and lectures encompassed economic theory, history, epistemology, government, and political philosophy. His contributions to economic theory include important clarifications on the quantity theory of money, the theory of the trade cycle, the integration of monetary theory with economic theory in general, and a demonstration that socialism must fail because it cannot solve the problem of economic calculation. Mises was the first scholar to recognize that economics is part of a larger science in human action, a science that he called praxeology.

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