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No Matter How You Vote, Politicians Don't Represent You

EstrategiaTeoría Política

One of the most foundational assumptions behind modern democracy is that the elected officials somehow represent the interests of those who elected them.
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No, Voting Doesn't Mean You "Support the System"

EstrategiaTeoría Política

Voting "no" on a tax increase doesn't mean you really consented to it.
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Nomi Prins Previews 'Collusion' at our Upcoming Ft. Worth Event

La Reserva FederalMercado FinancieroEconomía GlobalDinero y BancosEconomía de EEUU

Nomi Prins previews her talk at our event in Ft. Worth, based on her new book Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World .
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Nationalized Slavery: The Fugitive Slave Law

Historia de EEUU

In this episode, Chris Calton looks at the horrors of fugitive slave laws.
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Nick Sorrentino: Against Crony Capitalism

Gran GobiernoBienestar Corporativo

Nick Sorrentino and Jeff Deist discuss the systematic distortion of real capitalism.
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Nomi Prins: The Left/Progressive Case Against the Fed

La Reserva FederalMercado FinancieroDinero y Bancos

Nomi and Jeff discuss how the Fed could be the great populist issue that further unravels the Left/Right paradigm.
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No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

Sistema LegalTeoría Política

The greatest case for anarchist political philosophy ever written. Narrated by Matt Pritchard.
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New Translations of The Capitalist and the Entrepreneur

El EmprendedorMedios y CulturaEmpresarialidad

Peter Klein discusses some new translations of his book, The Capitalist and the Entrepreneur .
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North Korea: From Hermit Kingdom to Merchant Kingdom?

Economía GlobalGuerra y Política Exterior

North Korea is one of the most heavily sanctioned regimes on earth, but in the midst of a new and young generation of North Koreans adept at using black markets, it’s clear that trade with North Korea must be embraced, writes J. Wiltz. This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Dianna Keiler.
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