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Mises Institute Publications

Mises Wire

The Mises Wire offers short, contemporary news, opinion pieces, and original articles from Institute scholars and other writers familiar with the Austrian school and related disciplines. These articles are read by tens of thousands of people every day. They are permanently archived and eventually reach hundreds of thousands of readers. The Mises Wire accepts open submissions and articles should be steeped in some aspect of the Austrian tradition. Contact editor Ryan McMaken.

The Austrian

The Austrian, published six times a year, interprets current policy and events in an un-pc fashion in light of Austrian economic theory and free market principles. Members of the Mises Institute receive a full year's subscription. The editor seeks articles that are pithy, rigorous, provocative, and deal with enduring themes. Contact editor Ryan McMaken.

The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics is a refereed journal that promotes the development and extension of Austrian economics and that promotes the analysis of contemporary issues in the mainstream of economics from an Austrian perspective. It appears online at no charge. Joseph T. Salerno is the editor. Contact qjae@mises.org.

The Mises Review

The Mises Review is our quarterly review of literature in the social sciences. David Gordon is the critic and editor, and he covers new books in economics, politics, philosophy, and law. Contact David Gordon.

Mises Institute Books

The Mises Institute publishes new titles that expand our understanding of contemporary and historical issues from the perspective of Austrian economics and the free market. It is also part of our mission to keep the classics of the Austrian School available, both in print and digital editions.