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Graduate Program Faculty

For nearly forty years, the Mises Institute has supported thousands of economics students in their academic endeavors, thus creating nearly two generations of qualified and well-regarded faculty members spanning the globe. The Institute can now avail itself of this invaluable pool of academic talent to deliver dynamic online instruction to students in each and every course. Faculty members are both highly credentialed and passionate about advancing scholarship in the field of economics. Graduate classes are small and with a student-friendly faculty-to-student ratio, students receive individual attention in each course as well as in the process of completing their thesis requirements.

Mises Institute faculty create both a compelling and positive environment for study in the vital field of economics. In addition, faculty members may be relied upon for academic advice, career advice, and questions regarding academic integrity throughout a student’s time at the Mises Institute. Faculty are committed to a 48-hour turnaround time on student communications.

Full-Time Faculty

Joseph Becker, J.D.
Northern Illinois University College of Law;
M.A. Economics; University of Nevada, Las Vegas

David Gordon, PhD
Intellectual History, University of California, Los Angeles

Joseph T. Salerno, PhD
Economics, Rutgers University

Mark Thornton, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Part-Time Faculty

Robert Batemarco, PhD
Economics, Georgetown University

Mark Brandly, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Per Bylund, PhD
Economics, University of Missouri

Paul F. Cwik, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Thomas J. DiLorenzo, PhD
Economics, Virginia Tech

Jeffrey M. Herbener, PhD
Economics, Oklahoma State University

Peter G. Klein, PhD
Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Sandra Klein, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Robert P. Murphy, PhD
Economics, New York University

Jonathan Newman, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Patrick Newman, PhD
Economics, George Mason University

Shawn Ritenour, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

Timothy Terrell, PhD
Economics, Auburn University

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