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Who is flying?


NPR echos a sense reported everywhere: people have changed travel plans in light of the TSA’s ghastly attacks on airline customers. We’ll know more next week but the result could be financially disastrous for airlines (and then comes nationalization and then etc.).

I am a bit annoyed about all these cries against the TSA these days, coming from people who supporting the creation of this monstrosity, which was created by George Bush and backed by the whole Republican Party and all conservative bloggers and pundits. A few of us said: this is a bad idea; the problem was government regulation of security in this first place and this will lead to even worse. We were denounced as libertarians wackos, out of touch with reality in the new world in which everything had changed.

Well, when you support the building of a Gulag, you can’t be shocked and surprised when it is used for political purposes with the intent to spread human suffering.

Here is Lew from 2006:

It’s hard to know which Bush policies – every day, another disaster – will most immortalize this administration. But on this day, in this hour, I’m going to suggest that his name should be forever mud for his catastrophic decision to nationalize airline security after 9-11.

Here is another piece from 2006.

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