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Want to Hear the Sound of a Fallacy Being Exploded?


Then tune in to the Peter Schiff Show this morning, with me as guest host. I'll be joined by Mises Institute Senior Fellow Jeffrey Herbener. We'll be unpacking this piece of wisdom:

Demand creates jobs. How do we increase demand? We provide assistance where needed to create economic activity where the private sector won’t. We INVEST it in our infrastructure instead of throwing it away in tax cuts. We provide assistance to those in need. Food stamps and Unemployment Compensation, which I am sure you oppose, are two of the best economic stimulants and are backed up by real data. Every dollar spent on food stamps generates about $1.51 in economic activity. Tax cuts are one of the worst returns, creating a net loss in return.

Listen live for free (no subscription necessary) at SchiffRadio.com. The show runs from 10am-12pm ET.

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