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Too sexy for mundane tasks

I briefly watched CNN International this morning and one of the pundits mentioned that John McCain won the Florida primary. One of the analysts working alongside him mentioned that "just a few months ago, John McCain was [gasp] carrying his own luggage in the airport. This is an important win that will certainly help bring in new funds through donations." (approximate dialogue) Could you imagine if politicos had to waste their time making their own lunches or horror of horrors, drive their own vehicles? Politics on a pedestal Speaking of favoritism, when the American embassy in Saigon was being over run by the VC, Hubert Van Es photographed the hectic scene at the top of the compound. Droves of people fought in vane to climb aboard helicopters. Contrary to conventional wisdom, these weren't military aircraft, rather these were hueys operated by the CIA funded organization: Air America. Among other things Air America was responsible for transporting secret diplomatic delegations, conducting clandestine military operations and running drugs throughout Indochina. All at the expense of the taxpayer and to the sole benefit of the political class. See also: Air America (the film), American Gangster, and Khun Sa.

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