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The Tax that Will Not Die


Tags Taxes and Spending

I should have known, but I just found out that another FairTax bill was introduced in Congress last month. John Linder (R-GA) introduced H.R. 25, "The FairTax Act of 2007," on the first day of the 110th Congress. There are 55 cosponsors. The numerous problems with this "permission-to-live" tax, as Murray Rothbard described consumption taxes, I have already explained here, here, and here.

Rothbard sums things up nicely: "There can be no such thing as 'fairness in taxation.' Taxation is nothing but organized theft, and the concept of a 'fair tax' is therefore every bit as absurd as that of 'fair theft.'"

Laurence M. Vance is an Associated Scholar of the Mises Institute, founder of the Francis Wayland Institute, and a columnist for LewRockwell.com and the Future of Freedom Foundation. He is the author of The War on Drugs is a War on FreedomWar, Christianity, and the State: Essays on the Follies of Christian Militarism, and War, Empire, and the Military: Essays on the Follies of War and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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