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The sound of my head exploding...


...Brought on by articles like this one. It turns out that everything that went so horrifically wrong with the response to Katrina was not a failure of government, but the result of combining government and capitalism. The combination of government and socialism, on the other hand, would have succeeded admirably. Or so says this article, which trumpets the superiority of Cuba's response to hurricanes.

Given the benevolent attitude of the Cuban government toward citizens who don't obey, I can see how mandatory evacuation might work much better than it does here.

The best part, though, is at the end, where we are chastised for not questioning "...the morality of the capitalist system which elevates the accumulation of privately-owned capital as the highest priority to another, humanistic way of looking at the world." For those who want to learn more about this "humanistic" way of looking at the world, you can try here and here.

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